Inspiring excellence in every student

Mandy Luckert

Mandy Luckert graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oklahoma Baptist University in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in piano performance with an emphasis in pedagogy. At OBU she studied piano under Dr. Carol Ann Bell and pedagogy under Dr. Michael Dean. In May of 2010 she completed her Masters in Piano Pedagogy from Texas Christian University under the piano instruction of Maestro Harold Martina and pedagogy under Dr. Ann M. Gipson. 

Mrs. Luckert is a member of Pi Kappa Lambda and Music Teachers National Association, and was a co-presenter at the session “Method Manipulation: When to Use It - When to Lose it” at the 2010 MTNA National Conference. During the course of her graduate studies Mandy researched the musical development of children between the ages of birth and four, and the necessary steps to prepare children for formal music instruction. She is a certified early childhood music teacher with Music Together LLC and has devoted much of her career to the development of music in young children, including teaching both early childhood music classes and formal piano lessons for the Texas Christian University Music Preparatory Division.

Currently Mrs. Luckert teaches privately in Aledo, TX and in collaboration with Parker Piano Studios. Her philosophy of teaching is built on the foundation that every person is born with intrinsic musical ability, but providing a healthy musical environment is the key to developing full musical potential. Piano lessons are a gateway to providing this musical environment by teaching students to play an instrument. In all of her teaching Mandy focuses on the development of the student as a musician, an artist, and a person. Music lessons are designed to teach students the joy of playing the piano through healthy technique, reading skills, and musical artistry. You can contact Mandy at