Wei Du

Wei Du is currently pursuing his M.M. degree in Piano Pedagogy at Texas Christian University, under the supervision of Dr. Ann Gipson and Prof. John Owings. Prior to that, he has earned two Master’s degrees in Piano Performance and Musicology from TCU and Shanghai Normal University, respectively.

Mr. Du is an active performer as well as an enthusiastic piano pedagogue. He perceives the art of piano as the noblest way to illuminate the world and to achieve the highest and purest human ecstasy. He would like to form an artistically inviting and learner centered atmosphere in his classroom, where creative, congenial and collaborative teaching and learning interactions are valued.

Recently, Mr. Du successfully held two open classes and two piano recitals in various cities in China, in addition to winning the First Prize in The 6th Hong Kong International Piano Open Competition (Professional Performance Group).

Inspiring excellence in every student